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Volume Lash Course

Our courses unpack the latest in lash technology and provide our students with the tools to build and maintain a lash business.

Eyediology's Volume lash training is designed for individuals who already have experience with Classic lashes and are ready to further expand their skillset. The Classic and Volume lash courses can also be studied consecutively.

Volume lashing is an advanced technique where 2 - 8 lightweight extensions (can be more with time and additional training) are applied to one natural lash. Due to technological advancements in the lash manufacturing process, manufacturers are able to make super light and super fine extensions to ensure that the weight is appropriate for the natural lash.

 Students attending the Volume course are provided with in-depth notes and step by step instructions to help understand each step of the volume process. Our course manual is meticulously designed to make it easier for students to visualize and remember the different steps and techniques.

By learning the required practical skills of how to create, dip, and wrap volume fans in the correct and safe way, our students are able to deliver the desired lash results for their clients. Further to this, our students are able to grow their careers or businesses by integrating Volume lashing to their service offering.

Course Topics

We have created modules on all foundational topics.

Module 1

Volume Lash Theory

Module 2

Consultation Card & Medical History

Module 3

Extension Weights & Charts

Module 4

Tweezer Therapy

Module 5

Adhesive Theory

Module 6

Pick-up Methods

Module 7

Volume Fans

Module 8


Module 9

Lash Style Guide

Module 10

Difficult Lashes

Module 11

Health & Hygiene

Module 12

Controlling Your Work Environment

Module 13


Module 14


Module 15


Case Studies

Mandatory case studies after all module & in class training

Course Information

The Volume course encompass both theory and practical. Day 1  of training is focussed on theory and the skill of making fans - which takes a little time to master. No model is required for Day 1. Post this training event, students are required to arrange and set up a suitable date (with our trainer) to attend an additional practical session to showcase their Volume lash application ability.  The student will need to bring their model-client with them for a 2 hour practical session where they will apply a set of volume lashes on their model. 

Once this practical session has been completed, students will be required to submit a further 5 case studies to their trainer for review, evaluation and feedback. (this does not include the practical sessions completed with our trainer). The case studies allow for trainers to monitor progress, prevent bad habits from forming, and assist students who are having difficulty to overcome problem areas. This consistent practice also helps our student-technicians with building their confidence and honing their skill.

Our courses are open to any person who feels this is the industry they would like to be part of, no prior beauty experience is needed. However, as the Volume lash course is an advanced course, a thorough understanding of classic lashing is required in order to sign up for volume training. Students are required to have completed a classic course before being able to register for a volume course. 

Course Bookings

The course will be held at Eyediology’s training academy which is located at:

131 Wilton Avenue, Bryanston. Johannesburg.

*For queries on training in other provinces please contact us on info@eyediology.co.za

Refer Training Dates below.

08h00 - 15H00

This total price includes a R3500 non-refundable deposit, payable to secure training date and your seat. An Eyediology training kit is included in the price. It is necessary for all students to have the Eyediology kit, as no external kits may be used during our training. * Kit contents available on check-out.

1 day with 1 follow up session and 5 case studies

Training Dates

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